IIIIIIII just made a twitter (why? I don’t know) which will hopefully help me keep up with, things of various nature from various people. If any of you follow my art tumblr / instagram you can now find me on twitter though there is not much on it now. fyi etc.
Recent tattoo design commission, which as is obvious was for a Star Wars and wolf tattoo. Super fun!
Find me on:
WIP shot - digital tracing of a drawing made for a t-shirt screen.
This is my submission for Korns’ competition to design artwork for their new single Love & Meth. 
View my submission!
If you happen to scroll past this and like the design, please go and click the "Support Hana" link to the right, or just vote on the 5th. If you’re not a Korn fan maybe you would just like to help out an aspiring illustrator.
It isn’t highest-votes to win thankfully, but click if you’re into it!
T-shirt design for: I, Of Helix.
Very cool band, and stand-up bunch of guys.
T-shirts available for purchase from their STORE.
Little figure made for a friend and fellow artist a while back, part of an art trade. Super Sculpey + acrylic paint as always.
Design for the latest issue of an independent Korean art and culture magazine.
View of the final cover and magazine itself can be viewed here.
Recently completed t-shirt design, updating details later.
latest sculpture for a mini show in Singapore this month.
original drawing that now belongs to Arts Illustrated.
my spot in Arts Illustrated, happy.
Little fox sculpt.
watermarks are horrible and in the grand scheme of things won’t protect much but it is what it is.
current trade, close to completion.
The Three 
Pencil on paper. 
Available as a print here.
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