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Illustration & Sculpture

CONTACT / hanab.wolhf@gmail .com

Missing / Longing At 3am - Mixed media with digital editing.

Inspired by the inability to escape.

Recent sculpture commission.

The request was for a red panda looking cute, which wasn’t hard seeing as how utterly adorable they are simply living and breathing.

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic paint.

So very excited to be part of this show with such talented artists Mister Beaudry (http://shaunbeaudry.com/home.html), Paul Jackson (http://pjartist.com/), and Tltv (http://fearache.tumblr.com/).

Opening is the 5th of July in the Tenderloin District, San Francisco at the lovely ATAK Gallery: http://www.analogtattoo.com/about/ which is also home to some amazing tattooers, making this an extra treat.


Pen / Paper

Quick little commission, always a pleasure to draw animals and skulls.

Completed this a short while ago: Album design for Deon - Antiphobic.

It was absolutely awesome to be able to design this, I loved the initial idea and was allowed a lot of freedom too.

More information about Deon can found on his website.

Small work in progress shot - One of three pieces I’m working on for an upcoming exhibition that I am so excited about; butterflies on paper as well as in my stomach! More info and work to come soon.

Ink on paper, gold paint detailing.

Don’t they get to all of us in the end? The rats and bugs? Sooner or later even the stoutest coffin must collapse and let in life to feed on death.
Late night reading.

Same fox sculpt I made last year, though I love this photo of the little guy out “in the wild.”

Specifically I like how the sculpted flowers blend in with the actual, living plant life in the background.

A little panther sculpt made for an art exchange. So much fun making the little rope and skull, as well as somewhat tricky. It was meant to be a  “tattoo inspired, four-eyed panther” and this is what I came up with, hopefully it fits the bill!

Sculpey painted with acrylics.

2nd design made for: Sinned Apparel.

Some photos of the screened version of my design by the killer Monster Press. Photos belong to them.

The t-shirt itself is available from Sinned Apparel.

1 of 2 designs recently made for new UK shop: Sinned Apparel.

Available in black and white.

Two work-in-progress snippets of my previous post.