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Illustration & Sculpture

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Don’t they get to all of us in the end? The rats and bugs? Sooner or later even the stoutest coffin must collapse and let in life to feed on death.
Late night reading.

Same fox sculpt I made last year, though I love this photo of the little guy out “in the wild.”

Specifically I like how the sculpted flowers blend in with the actual, living plant life in the background.

A little panther sculpt made for an art exchange. So much fun making the little rope and skull, as well as somewhat tricky. It was meant to be a  “tattoo inspired, four-eyed panther” and this is what I came up with, hopefully it fits the bill!

Sculpey painted with acrylics.

2nd design made for: Sinned Apparel.

Some photos of the screened version of my design by the killer Monster Press. Photos belong to them.

The t-shirt itself is available from Sinned Apparel.

1 of 2 designs recently made for new UK shop: Sinned Apparel.

Available in black and white.

Two work-in-progress snippets of my previous post.

Recent tattoo design commission, which as is obvious was for a Star Wars and wolf fusion tattoo. Super fun!

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{ Body Rust }

My submission for a competition held by Korn late last year.

T-shirt design for: I, Of Helix.

Very cool band, and stand-up bunch of guys.

T-shirts available for purchase from their STORE.

Little figure made for a friend and fellow artist a while back, part of an art trade. Super Sculpey + acrylic paint as always.

Design for the latest issue of an independent Korean art and culture magazine.

View of the final cover and magazine itself can be viewed here.

Recently completed t-shirt design, updating details later.

latest sculpture for a mini show in Singapore this month.